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Woven Military Patches & Badges
Custom Woven Labels & Mini Patches
-- Ideal for textile and fashion industries

Woven Labels are a great way to brand your apparel. They are used for branding and giving information about size, length,
composition, origin, model or washing instructions. Alternatively they are widely used purely for decorative purposes on
garments, shorts, shoes, bags, hats, toys, blankets, or other furnishings.

Woven Labels show small detail, lettering or lettering that has fine detail that will not show well on embroidered patches.
They have 100% thread coverage with no cloth background, giving them an extremely luxorious look.

Woven Military Patches & Badges
Material & Craft:
Material: 100% polyester. (Flat Base / Satin Base)
Logo Process: Woven, Printed
Special Methods: Double-sided Design, 3D Cubic Stuffed, Laser Hollow-out, with Hanging Loop,  Liquid Starched,
                                  with Eyelet, Gold/Silver Metallic Thread

Appearance & Process:
Label width: From 10-190mm, at any length.
Border Options: Merrow, Heat cut, Laser Heat Cut, Ultrasonic Cut.
Folds Options: Straight Cut, Die Cut, End Fold, Center Fold, Miter Fold, Manhattan Fold and etc
Backing Options: Plain, Double-adhesive tape, Hard PVC, Iron on, Self-adhesive sticker with wax paper, Velcro tap,
                                 Black / White paper coating, etc.

Applicated Products:
Woven Badge/ Patch, Woven Label, Care/Wash Label, Size Label, Name Brand, Printed Label, Sublimated Label, Zipper Puller,
Bookmark, Keychain, Lanyard, Bracelet/Wristband, Ornament, Pouch, Epaulet, Coaster, etc.

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