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Military Tie Bars
Military Tie Bars
--- A beautiful and stylish man's decoration accessory for everyday use or formal occasions, such as office, meetings,
     weddings, parties, events, anniversaries, etc.

A tie bar (also tie slide, tie clip, or tie clasp), is a clothing accessory that is used to clip a tie to the dress shirt, preventing
your necktie from swinging, ensuring the tie hangs straight, and keeping in a neat, uniform appearance.

Military Tie Bars
Material: Copper, bronze, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel
Logo Process: Die struck, photo etched, die casting, lost-wax casting
Plating: Gold(24K real gold plating), silver, nickel, chrome, black nickel, bronze, copper, duo-tone, satin or antique finish
Any color, size, shape can be customized according to customers’ request.

Promotion, business gift, advertisement, souvenir, collectible, commemorative, decoration, daily use.

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