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Round Shape Military Coins
Highest Quality Round Shape Military Coins
--- An ideal gift item works best as awards and souvenir in military units, such as army, air force, navy, marine,
     coast guard, ROTC units, foreign military, etc.

Round Shape Military Coins
Material: Bronze, copper, zinc alloy
Logo Process: Die struck(stamped), die casting zinc alloy
Color: Synthetic enamel, soft enamel with or w/o epoxy, transparent color, printing ink, with rhinestone, w/o coloring
Plating: Gold(24K real gold plating), silver, nickel, chrome, black nickel, bronze, copper, duo-tone, satin or antique finish.
Size & Shape: Customized
Mould: 2D, 2D with layers, 3D, recessed 3D, cut out
Feature: Single or double sided design

Additional Process:
Foggy painting, sandblasting, granulating, with rhinestones, duo-tone plated, printed aluminum sticker with epoxy, several pieces assembled, laser engraving(with or w/o coloring), consecutive numbers(with or w/o coloring), mirror-like effect, black lacquer, etc.

Bubble bag, PVC bag, velvet pouch, velvet box, acrylic coin box with EVA insert, clear case with EVA sleeve and paper board box 

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